(Daniel Bair)

"You're born. You suffer. You die. Fortunately, there's a loophole." - Billy Graham
Evangelism is something required of all believers-more than that, it is something we are invited to participate in with God as he draws the lost to himself! The Gospel message is quite simple, yet we often are at a loss of words when it comes to sharing our faith with others. How do we begin this conversation? What components are necessary in a Gospel presentation? What do we do if they want to take the next steps? How can we be more prepared to share the Gospel with our acquaintances, neighbors, family and friends, or even people we meet for the first time? Join us as we walk through some scenarios, add some tools to our evangelistic toolbox, and help sharpen each other's skills in practical evangelism.

Video and Ministry (JonathanWu)

Jonathan will share how his work in video came together with his faith and participants will view videos he produced recently with missions organizations. Basic guidelines will also be provided on videomaking, including equipment to consider and content ideas for use in a church context.

Missionary Perspectives (JonathanWu)

This workshop will be an opportunity to learn from the life of missionaries. We’ll be watching a short video produced by Jonathan where missionaries discuss 1) their work and 2) how Christians in a foreign country live out their faith. The workshop will include small group discussion.

Many Passions, One Purpose (Sherry Lin)

How do we glorify God through our passions? How do we cultivate our passions or interests while balancing other life responsibilities? How could we share Christ with others through our passions or interests? Join us for a participatory workshop that includes in-depth discussion and movement exploration to help us understand the purpose behind pursuing our passions. Participants will also learn a basic lyrical hip hop combination choreographed by Sherry to inspire freedom in worship. Hope to see you there!

Christian Sexuality (Samuel Schleif)

With the growing acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, the overflow of sex-media and, perhaps, looser cultural expectations in general, current issues of sexuality can leave Christians scratching their heads. What are the "rules" about sexual conduct?
Is love enough? Does my biological sex determine who I'm with? Isn't my sexuality only my business? Do I need sexual experience before marriage? Is marriage even sexually significant anymore? Hasn't sex changed?
In "Christian Sexuality", a workshop by Pastor Samuel Schleif, Pastor Samuel will carefully take listeners through a Biblical Theology of sexuality. With his engaging style and story-oriented teaching, workshop attendees will get the big picture of God's design for human sexuality using both the Old and New Testaments. In a time of sexual confusion, it's time to set the record straight, God's way.

How Can I Know If I Am Walking in the Will of God? (Hans and Irene Sun)

What school should I attend? What career should I choose? Should I date (or marry!) this person? Where should I live? Which church should I join? Do I take this promotion and move to a new city? We face difficult decisions throughout our lives. Many seem to have enormous consequences.
When we come to a point where we have to make a big decision, we want to have the comfort of knowing that we have God's approval for our decision. But discerning which option God wants us to choose often seems an impossible task. The Bible does not give any direct career guidance. When we pray, God's still, small voice seems too quiet to hear. So how can we know what God's will is for these decisions?
Perhaps surprisingly, God's will is often not terribly hard to discern. The difficulty is that we have some mighty big roadblocks to receiving God's guidance. Our workshop will focus on the tools that God gives us to know his will and the obstacles that we need to beware, lest we suffer the consequences of neglecting God's leading.

Love Life Fiercely (Hans and Irene Sun)

There are thousands who are being killed every day on our streets and neighborhood. They are not dying because of guns or war, but simply because they are not wanted.
What are your questions about abortion? What is the Christian response? When does life begin in a mother's womb? What does it mean to love our neighbors, these tiny humans and their mothers? We hope to provide a safe place to talk about these issues, and to pray that the Lord would move our hearts to love life fiercely.

A Theology of News (William Wu)

What is a theology of news and why is it important to have one as a Christ follower? We live in a world where news comes at us from many sources, whether it's CNN, Fox News, Buzzfeed, Twitter, or someone's Instagram account. The news shapes our perception of the world and influences our perspective on important issues affecting our lives and the lives of those around us. As Christians, how are we to receive, process, and engage with the news of our day and should it be different than anyone else? Join us as we explore these questions, examine our own dispositions toward what's happening in the world, and begin to form a theology of the news based on God's Word and who we are in Jesus Christ.