"Who will not fear, O Lord, and glorify your name?

For you alone are holy.

All nations will come and worship  you, for your righteous acts have been revealed.”

Revelation  15:4b ESV

Discerning what songs of worship is a daunting task.

We do not take this task lightly.

We are selective because words do matter.

In all that we do here for GC, we seek God's will, God's truth, and what honors and exalts God.

Here is part of the guiding process and questions we ask in selecting the songs of worship for GC sessions.

  • ​Prayer.

  • Consideration of the message, theme, and occasion. 

  • Does the song relate to the Scripture Passage(s) being used?

  • Are the lyrics biblical and theologically sound? Or are they vague, not God-centered, or even heretical? 

  • Are the lyrics worshipful, do they glorify God and point to God, or do they point to and emphasize oneself? 

  • Do the lyrics mention God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit? 

  • Is the song performance-oriented or meant to lead others in singing and worshipping? 

  • Are the songwriters, the music group(s), the churches, or publishing companies that are involved biblical and theologically sound? Since we pay royalities to them when we use their songs, we need to ask whether we should support them financially if they take unbiblcal positions or are theologically unsound.  

  • How singable, teachable, complex, or dfficult are the songs?  

  • What is the vocal range like? For example, 6th - 1 octave is comfortable for most while 10th and above is a stretch vocally for many. 

  • Will people connect and relate to the song​? 

  • ​What atmosphere will the song create? ​

  • Could the song "stand" without lots of instruments supporting it?

  • What instrumentats are called for? More is not always better. 

  • How do the songs fit in with the flow, progression, or transitions of other songs? 

  • What is the tempo? Are they fast, medium, or slow songs insofar as fitting into a set?

It is from this process that Vivian Wu wrote the additional lyrics of O Son Of God to the melody of O Holy Night for G19's "Made Holy" theme. The lyrics were based on Hebrews 10:10, 22-24 with a hopeful heart that those who attended G19 would be blessed by deep truths of Scripture God gave us. 

Below are a few articles that reflects our theology of worship;

why we select the songs we do,

and why we steer clear from certain songs, groups, and artists. 

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