Steve Richardson

Raised far from the conveniences of modern society, Steve Richardson grew up in a remote jungle tribe where people lived in the trees, practiced cannibalism and headhunting, and idealized treachery as a way of life. He witnessed how the discovery of a centuries-old cultural “key” led to an amazing spiritual breakthrough as the message of peace in Christ forever changed the destiny of this stone-age culture. The Richardson’s dramatic story is documented in his father’s best-selling missionary classic Peace Child and a recent short film called Never the Same. 

Steve, along with his wife Arlene, returned to Southeast Asia in 1986, this time to help catalyze a church movement in the “urban jungles” of one of the world’s largest Muslim unreached people groups. Many of their adventures are recounted in Arlene’s captivating book Threads. 

Since 1999, Steve has served as President of Orlando-based Pioneers-USA, a mission organization that partners with churches to send gospel-driven Christians to the ends of the earth in relentless pursuit of the unreached.
Pioneers has a growing international workforce of more than 3,000 missionaries and marketplace professionals who serve among over 200 unreached people groups in almost 97 countries. 

Steve and Arlene are blessed with four daughters and four grandchildren.