GC Stewardship

  • We believe everything belongs to God. 

  • We want to be generous and show our gratitude to our speakers and those who serve in various capacities. 

  • We do our very best when we negotiate with various venues to get the best value and service and we pass on the savings to our attendees. 

  • As far as the conference, making a profit is not a part of our vision or goal. 

  • We also believe in helping others so that they could attend. 

  • Grace Conference 2019 is sponsored by CCCM/CCCC.

  • CCCM/CCCC generously keep the registration fee low so families can afford to come.  

  • As such, we depend on generous donors to help cover the expenses.

  • The people who serve on the GC Team are not employees of CCCM but are a group of volunteers who spend time and energy on planning the best conference with the resources we are given.

  • Some of these things include building and updating the website, meeting with hotels, selecting the menu, planning meetings, working on the handbook, interacting with speakers, holding music ministry team practices, working on the PowerPoint and shirt design, bus scheduling, purchasing supplies, recruiting small group leaders, sorting through registration data, and so on. 

  • We list the G19 expenses and funds received below as an example of the precarious financial realities that GC often faces with the hope that such transparency will encourage prayer for us here at the GC to continue to be faithful stewards and be wise in our decision-making.    

  • We consider all that we do acts of service to God and to those who attend GC. It is often challenging but rewarding experience. As God tells us in 1 Peter 4:10 "As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace."  

Here are the G19 EXPENSES at a glance. 


$5975            honorarium

$1234.31        travel reimbursements (airfares & mileage) 

$3200           meeting room rental 

$125               piano tuning fee 

$579.21         AV & office supplies

$250.01        website fees 

$2852            school bus rental 

$1233.77        meals for planning meetings, volunteers, snacks, meal supplies

$3,440.42     hotel rooms for speakers & key coworkers

$1386            meals for speakers and key coworkers

$482.91         thank you gifts

$3359            (120) zip up hoodies 

$424.97         truck rental & fuel 

$208              CCLI event license 

$142.45          background checks

$1,260.18       financial assistance 

$374.61          lunch for SGL, volunteers, coworkers on 12/28/2019

$213.93          extra pizzas for 12/30/2019 dinner



$7,910           registration fees (This is a close estimate since many registered as a group and/or with family members attending CCCC.)

$2163             onsite cash received 

$840              onsite checks received 

$140.01          hotel reimbursement from attendees


$420.06         free room nights 

FREE Printing of handbooks, posters by the most generous printer.

Liability insurance covered by CCCM.