Our purpose is to glorify the Triune God and serve the local church by equipping God's people with the great truths of Scripture so that they might stand firm in Christ in the changing currents of culture. We seek to participate in the work of building up believers that will serve God's churches, evangelize their communities, and participate in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

To this end, we endeavor to bring together a community of God's people united across denominational and ethnic lines. To our community, we seek to bring teachers that God has gifted in a variety of disciplines to testify to how God has helped them live out their faith. We emphasize a foundation of engaging the Scriptures, discerning its teaching, and applying the gospel of Christ to our contemporary issues through the power of the Holy Spirit.

From this foundation, we encourage our community to enter into the life of discipleship. We are particularly concerned in this present age to show the path of discipleship that leads away from the idolatry of consumerism and faithless acceptance of moral relativism, and toward doxological sacrifice and joy in commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ.